Attention for experience guests!! Beware of proxy bookings.

Attention for experience guests!!
Beware of proxy bookings.
It may be a fraud.

I received the international mobile phone from Hong Kong about 10:00 am on 28th, Dec.
She told me that she booked Udon making experience for this day and she was near the experience place but she couldn’t find the place.
Her telling address was wrong (that’s the old address, I already moved to the new place in April).
And this is an important thing, but I never received a reservation from her.
I asked her where she made the reservation.
She answered that she booked through a tour agency, not OTA.
She wanted to join Udon making the experience even though the day or the starting time is changed because she already paid 4 people including her by credit.
I sympathize with her from the bottom of my heart, but no guarantee that I can be paid by the tour agency because there is no business relationship between me and the tour agency.
I advised her to contact the agency first anyway.
After all, she gave up to join Udon-making experience.

She told me that she had a reservation slip.
She knew both my mobile number and the address of the experience place (actually the old place).It is natural for her to believe that this booking is true.
I want to know what happened, including whether she was able to contact the agency she booked, but there’s no way.

To Everyone who is interested in my experience.
Don’t trust travel agents which book only experience for you.
Be sure to use OTA such as Airbnb or book directly with the experienced host.
Especially, as for the cooking experience, it is necessary to exchange emails about food restrictions such as allergies.
That is, that can’t be true that there are no exchange emails at all between the host and the guests until the experience day.


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