Online/Create Chewy Udon and Dipping Sauce!

Online takes you to your want place as well as gives you a lot of fun.
Enjoy not only udon making but also the feeling as if you were in Osaka, Japan.


You’ll learn each step that goes into making the region’s delicious udon “Sanuki udon” by hand and foot as well as how to make a dipping sauce for udon. Sanuki udon is known across Japan for its smooth texture and elasticity. You’ll learn how to make chilled udon noodles this time because you can enjoy a stronger chewy texture than hot udon. You can learn all of the things so that you can try to make them again. We’ll start udon dough making first after explanation of the needed ingredients and tools. We’ll make the dipping sauce for udon noodles while leaving the udon dough. We’ll roll out the dough and cut it. I’ll explain to you verbally how to boil and finish udon noodles so that you can cook after class.



1hours and half/1時間半


3,000 yen~/per a person(1人につき)

Participation requirements/参加要件

More than 2 persons are needed./2人以上でお申し込みください。
Over 15 years old/15歳以上

Group size

Up to four people


Monday to Saturday/月曜日から土曜日までの間


① 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM(JST/日本時間)
②12:00 PM to 13:30 PM(JST/日本時間)
③17:00 PM to 18:30 PM(JST/日本時間)
Let us know your want date and time.
Feel free to contact us about your suitable time if you cannot join the above time.

Needed ingredient & equipment/準備が必要な材料と道具

Flour (All-purpose or 8 to 10% protein contents), Salt, Water, Starch, Soy sauce, Mirin, Sugar, Japanese soup stock powder or Dried kelp&Bonito flakes (You can use dried natural shiitake mushroom instead of bonito flakes).

Scale or Measuring cups, Tablespoon, Bowl, Plastic bag (45 cm×50 cm), Towel
Rolling Pin, Cutting board, Kitchen knife, Plate for udon noodles, Small pan, long chopsticks or folk

Additional Notes/その他

The internetwork is needed, PC is recommended
Prepare all ingredients and equipment by yourself.
I’ll send you the account to enter our class and the recipe for this workshop after payment.
Please notice that the above time is Japan’s time.
Please check your time the following site,

Payment Method /お支払方法

We accept credit cards /クレジットでお願いします。

credit cards
Enjoy udon!
stepping udon

Send us a mail with your want date and time.
We’ll mail back as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Make sure to visit here before class and follow the instruction as all things you have to do and prepare are written.