Sep, 2020
What a wonderful experience I had. I just made me wanna go to Japan and espacilly Osaka to learn more about Japanese cuisine. Very interesting, and also so much fun!! I enjoyed a lot my time! I highly recommend!
From Canada

August, 2020
What an amazing opportunity to learn new skills!!! Tomokoさん gave me such a warm welcome and her space has very good vibes. Lesson went as planned and the dorayaki and tea were delicious. My grandparents and parents loved eating the results. Please make an effort to stop by and see Tomokoさん.
From the USA

July, 2020
Really fun cooking class that’s great solo + groups. The udon + dipping sauce were delicious and made plenty of food so we could eat it 2 days in a row. Even though I am definitely not an expert noodle maker, Tomoko was super encouraging and we had lots of fun!
From the USA

June, 2020
It was an amazing experience and we loved the course. We have been the only one and these 90 minutes were amazing: great stories and introduction into the culture of Japan and delicious udon noodles.
From Germany

June, 2020
Tomoko is an accomplished Udon chef in Osaka and gave my daughter and I very warm welcome to her kitchen. We ended knowing that we have a friend in Osaka and a deeper appreciation for the time and effort that goes into this traditional dish. In addition to an excellent cooking class, she gave us a cultural culinary tour of Japan by showing us a map of the prefectures and explaining that the “Sanuki” style of Udon is considered the best in Japan. Her preparation was impeccable as she gave enough enough time to gather ingredients and was very patient and thorough in her explanations. We laughed and enjoyed my mistakes (!) as she gave me tips on how to correct them with good grace and patience! The final result was a very tasty dish, a new friend, and an enjoyable mother-daughter experience!
From the USA

May, 2020
We had SUCH a great time!! Not only did we leave with a new skill that we might have struggled to learn on our own, Tomoko and Ryuji were so warm, encouraging and patient that it really felt like we were in their kitchen. The class was really well paced and we felt really supported throughout! Tomoko also has a fantastic set up that makes it easy to follow- two cameras so we can see what she is doing and she makes sure to include you throughout the process with clear instructions. We would highly recommend this experience!!
From Singapore

March, 2020
We loved this experience! Tomoko was a great host, we felt very welcome. At first she told us something about the background of Udon. Then took us step by step through the process of making udon soup (and some extras 🙂 ). She explained everything very well so that we could understand why we are doing this and how to adjust the process if we want to do it at home. We also got the receipe with all the instructions to cook at home. She even gave me an additional vegan version so I can cook it for my vegan dad. The food at the end was soo yummy. We can recommend this experience to anybody who want to learn how to cook udon and enjoy a great meal.
from Switzerland

March, 2020
Tomoko is a wonderful host and exceptionally friendly. We had fun during our experience making udon noodles and dashi from scratch, as well as some side dishes. The ingredients she provides are top quality, including home made spice mixes, making the end product very tasty. She had incredible knowledge of what she was teaching and also happy to chat with us at the end of our lesson.
From Australia

January, 2020
Tomoko was fantastic, we had an exceptional experience that made me regret only signing up for one of her classes! Fantastic teacher, cook, and friend!
From the USA

December, 2019
Best cooking class ever! Tomoko prepared a very detailed introduction that gives all the background knowledge about different types of udon in Japan. Unlike some cooking class where they do most of the cooking part, this whole food making experience is done by myself (with Tomoko & Yuji’s guidance of course). And she speaks fluent English, which is not very common in Japan. We had a very enjoyable afternoon time together. At the very end she gives me some very useful informations on finding local market shops. I really learnt a lot not only in udon making but also Japanese dashi & umami (know as the heart of Japanese cuisine). Very practical and impressive experience. Best cooking class ever! 100% recommend to everyone! Thank you Tomoko and Yuji! Hope we can see again!
From China

November, 2019
Amazing experience with Tomoko who welcomed us in her super cool kitchen as if we were members of her family. Her explanations were precise and clear. We got to go through the entire process by ourselves which was very constructive. Tomoko was very patient and nice. We really think that we will be able to cook this dish at home now. But most important Tomoko was so friendly, it was an amazing encounter. Thank you so much for everything!
From the USA

October, 2019
Great experience in her home! She’s very knowledgeable about the different types of udon across japan and will give you special tips. She will not hesitate to help by writing any of her knowledge down or sharing her experiences. Overall, very friendly and I feel confident I can go home and make udon by myself.
From the USA

September, 2019
It was a great experience! Tomoko was very detailed in the recipe instructions (which by the way we were able to take with us), everything was very organized from the beginning until the end. While following the steps, she was helping us and at the same time sharing with us insights about yaki-gyozas, Japanese culture and some travel tips. We felt very welcomed, overall I really recommend this experience, we loved it! Thank you Tomoko!
From Spain

August, 2019
This was an absolutely wonderful experience! The course was held in a tiny cafe/shop at the end of a cool ally street in a off-the-beaten-path neighborhood. Tomoko was so knowledgeable about cooking and the ingredients that I thought she was classically trained. Her recipes include different measurements based on the season (moisture level) — and she only makes miso in February for that reason. So if you’re visiting in February, that would be a very special class! She sources all of her ingredients from the very best places in Japan — the flour, brown sugar, salt, etc. — or makes her own, such as sake, or a seasoning that includes lemon peels dried in the sun, and even her own face moisturizer. And most importantly, my first attempt at udon noodles turned out divine. If I were staying longer, I would have taken another class from her. I definitely will when I come back!
From the USA

July, 2019
Tomoko’s gyoza class was exceptionally enjoyable from start to finish. We started with no experience, and felt very accomplished after leaving. Tomoko is excellent at demonstrating a technique but will not “take over” if you’re not doing something correctly – she provides support and guidance to ensure you achieve it yourself, and isn’t worried if you make mistakes. We felt very welcomed in her gorgeous kitchen and dining room, and it was a very “family like” experience. I would highly recommend this cooking class to anyone who likes gyoza – and I have never met anyone who doesn’t like gyoza!

June, 2019
“(This experience) was the best thing from our Osaka trip.” Said my husband. Thank you Tomoko for making our trip. It felt like something special to be welcomed into her kitchen in a Osaka home. From there we experienced the ingredients and process such that we could replicate it at home. Once you get off the subway station her directions on the website with pictures and turn by turn were spot on.
M from USA

May 2019
Tomoko really made this into a hands on experience and I learned a lot by it. She is a great teacher too!
From Sweden

May, 2019

May, 2019
Tomoko’s workshop was hands-on, with a lot of practical and useful information on how to make udon noodles and the soup – also on how to re-use ingredients for other dishes. We all got encouraged during the process, made up a good team together and then shared the lunch we cooked. 🙂 Tomoko has a little shop herself, and she also left us with some recommendations on where to pick up some quality cakes. It was a lovely time!
From Denmark