“(This experience) was the best thing from our Osaka trip.” Said my husband. Thank you Tomoko for making our trip. It felt like something special to be welcomed into her kitchen in a Osaka home. From there we experienced the ingredients and process such that we could replicate it at home. Once you get off the subway station her directions on the website with pictures and turn by turn were spot on.

M from USA


June, 2019

My experience with Tomoko was very rewarding. I learned about udon, Japan, and its cultural values. It’s very hands on as you do everything on your own with her guidance. She’s very friendly and eager to share information about Japan and cuisine! Definitely recommend this experience if you have a couple hours one morning in Osaka!

K from USA


Tomoko was a great teacher and everything was very clear. She gave us a chance to do every step of the recipe and we made delicious ohagi to take away. The venue is a very charming old house and Tomoko was full of information about Osaka and ideas for things to do.

S & C from England

May, 2019

Tomoko really made this into a hands on experience and I learned a lot by it. She is a great teacher too!

L from Sweden

May, 2019

The experience of learning to make udon with Tomoko was amazing. She was very experienced and explained the techniques very well. Tomoko was very friendly and personable.

M from Australia

May, 2019

Tomoko’s workshop was hands-on, with a lot of practical and useful information on how to make udon noodles and the soup – also on how to re-use ingredients for other dishes. We all got encouraged during the process, made up a good team together and then shared the lunch we cooked. 🙂 Tomoko has a little shop herself, and she also left us with some recommendations on where to pick up some quality cakes. It was a lovely time!

F from Denmark