In-person/Vegan Japanese Sweets and Matcha!

ohagi and matcha
Vegan Japanese Sweets and Matcha.

Why not enjoy the authentic traditional Japanese sweets “Ohagi” with Matcha in cozy private house?

About “Ohagi”

Japanese traditional sweets are typically made of rice, wheat, red bean paste, and sugar, etc and don’t use any animal products.
Ohagi is one of them, which is basically a rice cake covered with sweet bean paste.
Nowadays, most people don’t make them at home.
Actually, Ohagi used to be the home-cooked sweets.
Mother made a lot of Ohagi for family events every time.
It is said that each family has its own recipe.
You’ll learn how to make some kinds of Ohagi with our home recipe.

Make Sweet Beans “Anko”


You’ll learn how to make Anko.
First, you have to prepare such as washing and boiling before finishing.
Two hours are not enough to start from scratch, so we prepare the freshly boiled red beans just before starting so that you can finish Anko.
You can get some tips for finishing which is very important.

Make Rice Cakes

You’ll learn how to make Rice cakes with the cooked rice.
Using the mixture of glutinous rice and ordinary rice is recommended by our recipe because it’s better to enjoy the texture of rice.
You’ll divide rice cake into small balls and set aside.

Prepare other ingredients for Ohagi

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You’ll learn how to make some ingredients such as sweetened soybean flour and sweetened green seaweed.

Finish some kinds of Ohagi

You’ll learn how to make three kinds of Ohagi, using these ingredients which you prepared.

Prepare Matcha

You’ll prepare Matcha by yourself under our guidance, using the organic Matcha made in Japan.

Enjoy some Ohagi and Matcha

You can take Ohagi home if you want after enjoying them.
Ohagi becomes a little hard one day after.
If you cannot eat up all in a day, you’d better keep them in the freezer and microwave them every time you eat.

About recipe

We prepare the detailed recipe to take it home for you so that you can make it at home again.


About food restrictions

We don’t use any meat, eggs and milk in this experience.
If you have some food restrictions, please let me know in advance.
Vegan, Vegetarian and Muslim are welcomed.


・A few kinds of Ohagi
・Organic Matcha
・Organic green tea


2 hours


$65 per a person  (more than 5 years old )

The maximum capacity

Up to 10 people


・All ingredients, All tools.
・An exhaustive recipe.
・Apron if you need it.
・Hair tie if you need it.

Additional Notes

If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.
If you cannot find the convenient dates and times for you, contact us first.
Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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ohagi making
ohagi making

About shopping

There is a food section at the entrance.
You can buy some ingredients which you use during your experience if you want.

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