Some stations name of Hankyu railway will be changed this autumn.

Hankyu railway is one of private railway in Osaka.
You can go not only to Kyoto but also to The Takarazuka Revue, Chicken Ramen musium, Minoh mountain and more.

Hankyu railway announced today that some stations name would be changed from October first.
Umeda station (terminal station of all lines in Osaka) becomes Osaka-umeda station.
Kawaramachi station (terminal station of Kyoto line) becomes Kyoto-kawaramachi station.
Ishibashi station ( Takaraduka line ) becomes Ishibashi handai-mae station.
※Handai is a Japanese abbreviation for Osaka university.

There are many stations in the center of Osaka and each name is subtlely different, for example, Osaka station of JR and Umeda station of Hankyu railway and Umeda station of Osaka Metro.
It was a little complicated especially for foreign guests and people who didn’t live in Osaka.
Hope this decision will be helpful for overseas guest.


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