Super foods! Pickled Plum

pickled plum
Handmade pickled plum

It’s just now season for Umeboshi (Pickled Plum) making.
The ingredients of Pickled Plum are ripe plum, Red Shiso (Japanese herb) and salt.
We cannot make pickled plum anytime in a year because the season both of plum and red shiso are only two months such as from June to July.
It used to be a kind of routine work for housewife to make Umeboshi at home before.

Umeboshi is definitely effective for strengthen your immunity.
It means that Umeboshi is the best for your health keeping.
The old people knew it a long time ago.
That’s why they made Umeboshi every year and ate them every day.
If you feel dull somehow, try it.
You will must be feel better.
But Be sure to take an authentic Umeboshi, not fake.

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