Tanabata(The Star Festival )

Tanabata is on July 7th.

One of temples nearby our place is decorated by Tanabata display.

Tanabata is an event related to the stars.
It is based on the legend that only once a year, Hikoboshi (Cow herder) and Orihime (Weaving Princess), two lovers, would be allowed to meet each other at the shores of the heavenly river.

On the night of 7th July of every year, people write their wishes on colorful paper strips and hang them on bamboo leaves.
If Hikoboshi and Orihime are able to meet each other in that year without problems, the wish you had written on the paper strip will come true.

Orihime’s star represents Vega, the zero magnitude star of the Lyra constellation, which is located to the west of the Milky Way.

Hikoboshi’s star represents Altair, the first magnitude star of the Aquila constellation, which is located to the east of the Milky Way.

Unfortunately, the date of Tanabata is in the rainy season, so the night with clear sky is quite unlikely.

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