To our dearest guests about the problem of coronavirus.

As you know, we unfortunately have now a sever problem coronavirus in the world.
We, Experience hosts actually would love to welcome anyone, but the circumstance is getting worse.
If you have any problems like below, we hope you to cancel the experience you already booked until the middle of February or to consult with your OTA.
The OTA such as Airbnb and Trip advisor might be accepted your cancel with the full refund because of unavoidable circumstances.

1You came to Japan after 16th,Jan.
2You went to Wuhan City or contacted directly with some persons in Wukan or the mainland before coming to Japan.

If No.1 only and you would love to join the experience, we want you accept the following our request.
●Please wear a mask on your face before coming and keep on it while experience.→We also wear masks.
●Please obey our instruction such as washing your hands well and putting some hand sanitizer on your hands and more.

Thank you for your understanding and coorpelation.


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