Yuzu season has just started!

Yuzu is a Japanese citron.
Citrus-based flavor of Yuzu makes us feel relaxed.
Whenever winter comes, many Japanese buy Yuzus and use for a various kinds of things.
Yuzu is used not only for cooking but also for the relaxation and for the beauty.
We have a custom on winter solstice, eating pumpkin and taking a Yuzu bath which is called Yuzuyu.
Yuzuyu refers to the bath in which Yuzu are put and set afloat.
Yuzu is an amazing fruit because of no waste.
Not only for using for the bath, I make Shichimi, Japanese seven spices using the skin of Yuzu, make Ponzu sauce using the juice and make the moisture lotion for skin using the seeds.

Ponzu sauce
moisture lotion

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