Experiences in Osaka
Experiences in Osaka

Meet the loco, Be the loco.

What is your best part of traveling?
Good food? Great landscape?
How about interaction with local people?
Joining the cooking experience makes you relax as if you were with your friends as well as gives you a lot of information about Japanese cooking.
Anyway, you can enjoy the authentic delicious Japanese meal at the end of cooking!
Actually, it is hard for everyone to travel over the world in this year because of COVID-19.
But Online takes you anywhere, anytime without air ticket if you want.
Online gives you a lot of expectation as well as much fun for your coming real trip after COVID-19 has gone away.
And also, it is true that online makes it possible for us to dream anything even though physically handicapped, and even though no time to travel.

To overseas guests,
See you online now, and we are looking forward to welcoming you with a big hug someday.
To the guests who live in Japan,
Waiting for your joining our either in-person or online experience anytime!
As in-person experience is chartered by one group, you needn’t be concerned.

●Language: English

●Payment Method:Credit cards, Paypal

In-person Experience

Udon making 1. Create Udon and Soup from scratch!

Enjoy rice balls! 2. Create Dashi, Miso soup and Rice balls.

gyoza 3. Enjoy Yummy Gyoza Dumpling with Beer!

Moxibustion 4. Japanese style self-care practice

Online Experience

Online takes you to your want place as well as gives you a lot of fun.
Let’s cook together as if you were with us in Osaka, Japan.

udon making  1. Create chewy udon and dipping sauce!

negiyaki 2. Enjoy Negiyaki (a kind of Okonomiyaki ) with Chuhai!

gyoza 3. Create Yaki Gyoza from scratch!

dorayaki 4. Create Dorayaki and brew Sencha deliciously

Experience Reviews

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Deep Experience Osaka
Deep Experience Osaka


Authentic Japan Tour “Sado edition”

This tour will give you an amazing experience as never before because of our special network in Sado.
You can experience so much such as enjoying authentic various foods made in Sado, exchanging with the local people, exploring in the traditional small town and more.

This is personal tour.
We’ll make an original tour plan for you .
Please consult us at any time if you’re interested in.
Feel free to contact us at any time about details.