Experience (Cooking and more)

rice balls making

Ozeki Rainbow Cup will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis to those over 20 years old who have made a reservation for the experience.
Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out, so please apply as soon as possible.

Ozeki rainbow cup

Meet the loco, Be the loco.

Good food? Great landscape?
How about interaction with local people?
Joining the cooking experience makes you relax as if you were with your friends as well as gives you a lot of information about Japanese cooking.
Anyway, you can enjoy the authentic delicious Japanese meal at the end of cooking!
We have two kinds of joining ways such as “in-person” and “online”.
Join us each way depending on your want.

In-person Experience

We started cooking experience host in 2017, and welcome more than 2,000 guests from 48 countries, and receive many 5-star reviews.
We welcome all of you like an old friend and help you to make an unforgettable memory.

In-person experience is available for 2 groups, or one group and 4 guests only from 1st, Oct 2021.
Our facility is implemented measures to prevent the spread of infection of COVID-19 so that you can join us without concern.

udon making  1.Create Udon and Soup from scratch!
miso soup and rice balls 2.Create Dashi, Miso soup and Rice balls
gyoza-making 3.Enjoy Yummy Gyoza Dumpling with Beer!
steamed pork buns 4.Soulful Japanese steamed pork buns
ohagi 5.Vegan Japanese Sweets and Matcha
okyu 6.Japanese style Self-care Practice

Online Experience

We started an online cooking experience in May 2020 as it was hard to welcome overseas guests because of COVID-19.
It was sad for us not to welcome overseas guests in person but we realized the potential of the online experience.
Actually, so many guests join the online cooking experience and they enjoy it casually.
Online is a kind of open door to all of the world.
Feel free to join us if you’re interested in Japan as well as Japanese home cooking.

The Internet environment is required for online participation.
You can join on your computer, tablet, smartphone, but a PC is recommended.
We use Zoom for an online experience.

udon cutting 1.Create chewy udon and soup!
gyoza making 2.Create Pan-fried Gyoza from scratch!
steamed pork buns making 3.Soulful Japanese Steamed Pork buns
negiyaki making 4. Enjoy Negiyaki(a kind of Okonomiyaki)