In person Udon

Create Udon and Soup from Scratch

You’ll learn chewy Udon making and rich flavored broth making.
Vegan, Muslim friendly.

In person riceballs

Create Dashi, Miso Soup, and Rice balls

You’ll learn the authentic home made dishes making such as Miso soup and Rice balls with the best ingredients.
Vegan, Muslim friendly.

In person gyoza

Enjoy Yummy Gyoza Dumpling with Beer

You’ll learn the really crispy and juicy pan-fried gyoza making from scratch. Vegan, Muslim friendly

In person butaman

Soulful Japanese steamed pork buns (Vegan & Halal friendly)

You’ll learn the really fluffy and juicy steamed buns making from scratch. Vegan, Halal friendly.

In person sweets

Vegan Japanese sweets

Japanese traditional sweets are basically vegan sweets. Let’s enjoy them with Japanese tea.