We started an online cooking experience in May 2020.
So many guests join the online cooking experience and they enjoy it casually.
Online is Open Door to all of the world.
Why not join us if you’re interested in Japan as well as Japanese home cooking?
The Internet environment is required for online participation.
You can join on your computer, tablet, smartphone, but a PC is recommended.
We use Zoom for an online experience.

Create Chewy Udon and Soup (Vegan & Muslim friendly)

We’ll make the region’s delicious chewy Udon by hand and foot as well as how to make soup stock.

Create Pan-fried-Gyoza from scratch (Vegan & Muslim friendly)

We’ll make the Japanese original gyoza made with crispy chewy gyoza wrapper and juicy fillings.

Soulful Japanese steamed pork buns (Vegan & Muslim friendly)

We’ll make the steamed pork (veggie) buns made with the fluffy wrapper and juicy fillings.

Create Negiyaki, a type of Okonomiyaki (Vegan & Muslim friendly)

Negiyaki is a type of okonomiyaki cooked with lots of green onion, which looks like a not sweet crepe. This is great with beer, and also good snack for kids.