Cafe space is available on an hourly basis.

You can rent a cafe space and use as a seminar or a gallery or event.
You can use here for cooking class and private party because of fully equipped kitchen.
We also have a restaurant business permission so that you can open a temporary cafe.
Feel free to contact us at any time for more details.


1.Day time use

Day of weekTimeFee
(tax separate)
Monday to Thursday10:00~18:00¥1,000/h
Friday and Saturday10:00~18:00¥1,500/h
Sunday and Holiday11:00~17:00¥15,000/d
Sundays and holidays are not available on an hourly basis

2.Night time use

Until 22:00 (until 21:00 on Sundays and public holidays) is available

Day of weekTimeFee
(tax separate)
Monday to Thursday18:00~22:00¥2,500/h
Friday and Saturday18:00~22:00¥3,500/h
Sunday and Holiday17:00~21:00¥4,250/h
Night time on Sundays and holidays are not available.

3.Use of the kitchen

If you use the kitchen, adding ¥3,000 (tax separate) is needed for one time.
※If the tableware or kitchen tools are damaged, you will be required to pay for the damages in full.

4.Maintenance costs

Maintenance costs such as utility expenses and cleaning expenses will be charged like the below.

(excluding tax)

5.Garbage disposal

Please take all garbage home, basically.
If you’d like to ask us to dispose of your garbage, let us know in advance.
We give you 45 litters plastic bags, so please sort your garbage into it according to the rules of Osaka City.
¥500 (tax separate) per one bag


We have more than 20 chairs. The center table is movable and can be freely laid out.

Open kitchen style.

You can use cooking utensils such as gas ovens, microwave ovens, toaster ovens, gas rice cookers, mixers, food processors, as well as cooking utensils, tableware, and cutlery.

You can also use Wood Cone Audio Stereo which produces high-quality sound. Wi-fi is available.


1-3-11, Uehommachi-nishi, Chuo, Osaka #542-0062