In-person/Create Dashi, Miso Soup, and Rice balls!

rice balls making

Create the authentic delicious dishes with homemade fermented foods!

It is known across the world that Miso soup and Rice balls are the traditional dishes in Japan as well as well-balanced foods.
If you can cook both, you can get a lot of nutrition easily at the same time.
Japanese soup stock “dashi” making is the basis of Japanese basic food culture, and Miso soup and Rice balls are mother’s home cooking.
You’ll learn how to make Japanese soup stock “Dashi”, Miso soup, and Rice balls in this experience so that you can start Japanese basic home cooking at home.

Make Japanese soup stock “Dashi


We Japanese take care of Umami when we make soup stock.
Umami is translated as “savory” and is thought the fifth taste.
More than two kinds of ingredients such as kelp and dried fish to make Umami are needed.
It’s easy to get the instant soup stock in the supermarket.
But “the authentic soup stock made from scratch and “the instant one” are as different as night and day.
You’ll learn how to make Dashi from scratch to realize what is Umami and what is the authentic taste.

Make Miso soup

miso miso soup

Miso soup is an essential dish for any Japanese diet.
It can be said that Miso soup and cooked rice are the best buddies.
We usually use various kinds of ingredients, not only tofu for miso soup.
You’ll learn how finishing Miso soup, using the seasonal ingredients, and our homemade one-year fermented Miso.

Make Rice Balls

rice balls

Rice balls are said “Onigiri” or “Omusubi” in Japanese and these are already worldwide famous for Japanese home cooking because of a lot of good points such as being easy to carry any place, tasty even if cooled and more.
Onigiri is definitely mom’s cooking because it’s common that mothers make Onigiri for their kids.
You’ll learn how to make the triangle-shaped Onigiri, using the highest quality of rice and some fillings.
One of the fillings is organic homemade pickled plum.
Pickled plum is one of the Japanese traditional preserved foods.
Onigiri will be completed if wrapping Onigiri with Nori, seaweed.

About two more side dishes

Tsukudani tsukemonoTsukemono

You’ll learn how to make a side dish, using the leftover of the soup stock.
The other is the homemade seasonal pickles that we prepare in advance.

About recipe

We prepare the detailed recipe to take it home for you so that you can make it at home again.


・Miso soup
・Some rice balls
・Ingredients and seasonings for cooking.
・Homemade pickles


2 hours


$70 per person (more than 5 years old )

The maximum capacity

Up to 8 people


・All tools.
・An exhaustive recipe.
・Apron if you need it.
・Hair tie if you need it.

Additional Notes

If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies, or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.
If you cannot find convenient dates and times for you, contact us first.
Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.


We have a food sales section at the entrance.
You can buy some ingredients which you use for the cooking experience if you want.

One year fermented handmade miso
Japanese style seven spices, Yuzu flavor