Online/Create Chewy Udon and Soup!

Online takes you to your want place as well as gives you a lot of fun.
Let’s enjoy udon-making together as if you were in Japan.

You can easily make udon noodles that are more delicious than you expected if you join us.
You will be surprised by both the tasty and chewy texture beyond your imagination.
Any special technique and any professional tools are not needed for udon making at home.
If you can weigh each ingredient, that is enough.
You’ll learn each step that goes into making the region’s delicious udon by hand and foot as well as how to make a delicious soup in this class.
We are sure that you can be a master of not only udon making but also Japanese soup-making after this class.

Udon making is great for the team building, the birthday party because all members can share a nice time as well as a good dish together.

The general steps are following,
1) Make the udon dough
2) Make the udon soup
3) Roll out the udon dough and cut it
In the end, I’ll explain to you how to boil udon, how to finish it, and how to eat it, sharing the screen.
I’ll send you the recipe immediately after class so that you can cook udon smoothly.

This experience is friendly to vegans, Muslims, and all generations.


  1. Chewy udon and cold dipping sauce: from May to September
  2. Chewy udon and hot udon soup: from Autumn to April
Chewy udon and cold dipping sauce
hot udon
Chewy udon and hot udon soup


1.5 hours to 1 .75 hours


$35/per a person
Groups of six or more get a 10% discount.

Participation requirements

More than 2 people up to 10 people
Over 12 years old

Private class

This experience is great for team-building and great for a group because you can share a nice time as well as a delicious dish.

$60 per 1 screen ( up to 3 people )
More than 5 screens
Up to 10 screens

※You can choose your favorite menu from No.1 and No.2 regardless of the month. (All members have to make the same menu.)

In a situation where any of the above conditions doesn’t apply, feel free to ask us.
We’ll be happy to quote any time.

Contact us before booking.


Every day


① 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM(JST)
②12:00 PM to 13:30 PM(JST)
③18:00 PM to 19:30 PM(JST)
Please check your time here.
※JST=UTC/GMT +9 hours
※JST=PST+17 hours

Feel free to inquire about your suitable time if you cannot join the above time.

Needed ingredient & equipment

Flour (All-purpose or 8 to 10% protein contents), Salt, Water, Starch, Soy sauce, Mirin, Sugar, Japanese soup stock powder, or Dried kelp&Bonito flakes (You can use dried natural shiitake mushroom instead of bonito flakes).

Scale or Measuring cups, Tablespoon, Bowl, Plastic bag (45 cm×50 cm), Towel
Rolling Pin, Cutting board, Kitchen knife, Plate for udon noodles, Small pan, long chopsticks, or folk

Additional Notes

The internetwork is needed, PC is recommended
Prepare all ingredients and equipment by yourself.
I’ll send you the account to enter our class and the recipe for this workshop after payment.

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