Preparation for udon & hot udon soup making

hot udon

We kindly ask you to prepare the following ingredients and equipment.
If you have anything not to be able to prepare, let us know in advance and we´ll be happy to suggest the substitution.
Make sure to weigh each ingredient for udon such as flour, salt, and water individually accurately before the class.
We use grams in our recipes because udon making needs to weigh the amount accurately.
Please prepare a Scale as possible as you can.


About Udon Noodles

8 to 10 % protein content flour is needed for the chewy udon making.
That is all-purpose flour.
But if you cannot prepare all-purpose flour, you can substitute the mix of cake flour and bread flour, half and half.


About Japanese soup stock

Japanese soup stock needs Umami (savory flavor), and two kinds more ingredients at least are needed to make umami.
We usually choose more than two kinds of ingredients from dried kelp, bonito flakes, and naturally dried shiitake mushrooms.
The combination is like below.
・Dried kelp and bonito flakes ( The most popular combination.)
・Dried kelp and naturally dried shiitake mushrooms ( If you don’t eat animal products, choose this combination.)
・Dried kelp, bonito flakes, and naturally dried shiitake mushroom ( The most gorgeous combination )
※It is usual that dried kelp is a must, and you choose one or two from bonito flakes or naturally dried shiitake mushrooms.
※If you cannot find out dried kelp and bonito flakes or dried shiitake mushroom, you can substitute instant dashi powder, but try to use the authentic ingredients if possible.
Instant soup stock powder includes all of them and easy to use but the taste is definitely different between the authentic broth and the instant soup stock powder.



Noodles ( For two persons )
240g All-purpose flour
103g Water
16g Salt
Corn or potato starch for dusting surface and dough

medium flour
240g all-purpose flour

103g water


16g / 1 Tbsp salt


Hot Udon soup ( For two persons )
1ℓ / 4 cups and 5 Tbsp Water 
10g ( 4 inches square ) Dried Kelp 
10g ( A large handful ) Bonito flakes
10g (A few pieces)   Naturally dried shiitake mushrooms (if you use)
1 tsp   Salt
1 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Mirin
2.5 Tbsp Light soy sauce

#Refer here about Dried kelp

You cannot use Nori seaweed (Laver) for broth making.
Nori is used for sushi and rice ball.
Be sure to buy “Dried kelp”.

dried kelp
Dried Kelp


Bonito flakes


Naturally dried shiitake mushrooms


Optional garnishes
Green onion
Fresh ginger
Shichimi (Japanese spice)

Shichimi (Japanese seven spices)


2 Bowls (One for udon dough making and the other for soup filtering)
2 small cups
Scale or Measuring cups
Tablespoon, Teaspoon
Plastic bag (45cm x 50cm / 18 inch x 25 inch)
Sheets of newspaper
1 medium-sized towel
Rolling pin
Kitchen knife
Long chopsticks or tongs

Make sure to do the following preparation before class.

1) Prepare each ingredient (240g/ All-purpose flour, 103g Water, 16g Salt) of udon making individually with two small cups and a bowl.

flour, salt and water

2)Presoak 10g (4 inches square ) Dried kelp in a pot of 1ℓ water(If you use naturally dried shiitake mushrooms too, add 10g (a few pieces) of them in the same pot.
Soaking time should be 10 minutes at least and the longer is better.
*If you use Instant Japanese dashi (soup) powder, you need not do this work.


General Steps

  1. Make udon noodles
  2. Make the hot udon soup
  3. Roll out the dough and Cut it
  4. Explain cooking, preparation, and condiments for garnish

As we’d like to know before class which ingredients you’ll prepare for broth making so that we can proceed with our class smoothly, it’s helpful for us if you visit here to answer the questionnaire.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.
Looking forward to seeing you online.
Let´s get started for a fun time!
With love
Tomoko & Yuji
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